– Soul Singer & Songcreator with mixed cultural influences that blends sounds of Reggae,Soul, Jazz, Funk and whatever else can be thrown in the mix.

– With high energy, uplifting vibes & connection with audience that brings the abundance of Joy at every show.

– Ukulele wielding, inventor of Opera Reggae, with healing messages in her lyrics as well as a wonderful sense of humour.

– Celebrates Life and art relentlessly, and wants to share it with as many people as possible.


The music industry is forever changing. The internet and modern technology has really shaped a new world with regards to the processes of getting heard and being seen. I am an independent artist, or my preferred term is Musicprenuer.  This way works for me personally because I don’t want there to be anyone in between me and my fans. I have also managed to land myself some great opportunities, working with some musical legends such as Grammy award winner King Hammond, Skyler Jett, Mo Pleasure, Earth wind & fire, Reverend & the maker, Soom T to name but a few.

The support of these industry legends, helped me to see that artists like me, do have a place in the industry and should firmly put their stamp on it. I love the connection with my fans and feel that I will be able to give more back to them this way. From as little as £2 per month my fans can receive a free download of a song each month, an invite to my launch party in London, and a free download of my Songbird EP. For £5, they get everything £2 gets you plus invites to my ENNÈ-Chanted invite only shows and much more. Last year the show sold out in under 24 hours and I surprised my guests with the amazing Mo Pleasure who played keys and bass alongside me.

£5 will also get you all my  single releases plus some merchandise. These are just a few things laid out for my supporters. I have much more planned out for those that wish to support this journey, I wish to share it with you. The music industry needs fresh ideas, fresh sounds and fresh approach & for me it’s going down this route. Record deals are not for everybody, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a growing career with amazing opportunities. I work hard and put a lot in and want to give back as much as I can. Thank you all for the love & support so far. Lets do this!  xXx



I have written and recorded demos for my little ditty ideas, these ideas will go inbetween the main tracks on my album to bulk it up with more story and expression. This one is called “DAYUM HOT” because I have found myself melting away in this room today. It has been boiling hot in here …


  I have been pushing forward so much over the last few weeks, despite my very difficult obstacles thrown in my path,Moving out of London,Then sofa surfing in Bath, Meetings with record labels,interested in my sound,holding on as best I can,friends keeping their ears to the ground, Helping me find myself back on my feet,theres …


Upcoming Events

Upcoming | Archive: 2017
  • Sun

    Citadel Festival 2017


    Victoria Park, London

    Playing a set on the corona sunsets stage at Citadel Festival 2017

    for tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/citadel?CAMEFROM=CFC_UK_MAMA_FBEVENT

  • Sat

    Uke East 2017


    Performing at the Uke East, Ukulele Festival 2017.

    Also running a reggae Uke workshop at this event.